Trove Opalia Table Lamp


An embodiment of timeless elegance and contemporary design, the Trove Table Lamp is handcrafted with precision. This sleek table lamp transcends mere functionality as it becomes a statement piece in any space.

Crafted specifically with Opalia glass to complement Ketra-Ready advanced technology for a customizable lighting experience like no other.

This pristine glass shade is accompanied by a luxurious black or white carved marble base. Each base boasts unique veining patterns, ensuring no two pieces are alike.

13"H x 10"W
Delivery Time
Generally in stock (in limited quantities) and ships within 7-10 days.
Parts Included

Ionic Table Lamp includes the following components:
(1) Glass Shade
(1) Marble Base (Non-Dimmable) 


This base does not have a dimmer/switch by design.

They are meant to be used with Ketra-Ready or other "smart" bulbs that must always be on and paired with apps, scenes, or schedules.

UL/CUL listed

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